marți, 31 martie 2009

Maine e ziua lui bro`

Sooo..e ziua lu' frat'mio:X:X manca-las:))
i-am cumparat un i-am scris pe el de la cine e sa nu dea sfant' sa uite:)))cică îi ştiu dacă e adevărat sau i-am cumparat cadou.
multumesc Andra( ca ai stat si ai aşteptat) , multumesc tipului de la magazin care zambea frumos( :X:X) si eu nu i-am zis nici ''pa'':)) si în primul rand multumesc MIE:)) ca am avut aceasta minunată idee!!

duminică, 29 martie 2009


au trecut nu mai ştiu câte zile de la postul ăla cu kebab-ul...
am 54 la vizualizări..
am şi ceva comentarii..
bla bla bla
nu mai ştiu ce sa scriu şi cred ca pâna la urma îmi şterg blog-ul de pe suprafaţa Pămîntului:))
pe 1 e ziua lu' bro` ştiu ce sa îi iau...cred ca totuşi nimic:D
Vreau o leapşă şi un subiect despre care sa scriu....
noapte buna!

ps: mi-am adus aminte, cum fac sa scriu ceva şi apoi sa pun o linie peste ca şi cum as fi tăiat?

pps: te iub shine( a lu' april care te iub mai mult ca mine:D)

joi, 26 martie 2009

Am fost kebab

kebab.jpg kebab image by badegg100

Deci,totul a inceput cand a trebuit sa ne gandim la un interviu cu..o l-am facut in prima saptamana,nici in a 2 a si am fost sa mancam kebab si in seara dinaintea zilei de joi nu aveam idei...aveam doar pofta de kebab cu,,, ziceam in disperare lovit idea..un interviu cu un kebab:X:X

Ladies and gentlemen, i proudly introduce to you Mrs Kebab! So, Mrs Kebab, first question:

1. What are you actually?

A sandwich, usually made out of different types of meat and a veriety of souces and salads. My real name is Döner kebab.

2. Are you undercover or something like that? Have any reasons of hiding your identity?

Oh, no, but people usually remember just the word kebab and forget about the other one.

3. Oh, i see. Is there any difference?

Actually, it is, because kebab referes to grilled meat in general, that’s what the word originally ment. In turkey at least.

4. And where do you come from?

Middle East, Africa, Central Asia and South Asia.

5. But what are your origins?

Turkey, the Middle ages more exaclty.

6. But what is the situation like today?

In Modern Turkey, i’m served in diverse ways as main courses or street snack.

7. This sounds really interesting.

Well, it is actually, have quite a history behind.

8. So, how would you like to be eaten? With or without ketchup?

With ketchup, of course, i like ketchup, or chilli. Chilli is good.

9. What about the person that’s eating you? What do you think? Would you rather be eaten by a thin person or a fat ore?

Rather a thin person really,don’t like big bellies.

10. Would you participate to a kebab eating contest and be the judge?

No, i just couldn’t bare the carnage.

11. And i heard you wanted to run for kebab president.

Yea, it’s true, i want to be the first female kebab president in history.

12. Do you think you will win?

Yea, i am pretty confident actually, i want to win the campaign. It’s descriminating what’s going on in policy these days.

13. Why do you say this?

Because no kebabs ever voted a female for president.

14. Humans are pretty much the same really.

Yea, i know, it’s a pitty.

15. But what about that western you were talking about in People Magasine?

Ah, yea, i’m pround to make it official that i’ll be playing a role next to Chuck Norris.

16. What role?

I will be eaten by him. But of course, i will have a stunt man, it’s rather too extreme for me.

17. i hope it will be a succes. What do you think?

i’m not very sure, but i’m optimistic and hoping for the best.

18. But one thing it for sure, you have a bright career ahead of you.

Yes, i have, and i wanna make the best out of it.

19. You’re surelly pround of this. But let me ask you a more personal question. Do ypu have children?

Yes, i have, i have 10 little kebabs running around the’s so hard being the woman of the house.

20. But what about your husband?

He’s long gone.

21. Oh, i’m so sorry.

It’s ok, they come and they go all the time, i’m used to it already.

22. With this having been said, i wish you good luck and a good night.

Thank you.

ps: intrebarile sunt facute de Andra (flower of flesh) dar eu i-am dat idea si link-ul de la wikipedia...

pps:puteti rade si voi!!!:*

miercuri, 25 martie 2009

E naspa!

trebuie sa fac un interviu la engleza ,am ales sa il facem cu un...kebab( aproape obsesie):)) habar n-am ce poti intreba un kebab..

e grav..a inceput sa-mi placa blogul!

primul meu post:D

salut, trebui sa mă prezint ,nu? sunt..ili, am 15 ani:d
habar n-am ce o sa scriu pe blog-ul asta,l-am făcut doar sa fiu şi eu în trend şi sa nu mai pun lumea sa mă citească pe mess:D
Partea proastă e ca nu ştiu cum o sa mă descurc cu el...în fine..revin mai tîrziu sau...mâine cu o leapşă pentru Anca:X
ps: chestia aia de la baza copacului e ingrasamant pt. sol:D